Seizures services offered in White Rock, Dallas, TX

Seizures are an electrical malfunction in the brain that causes changes in behavior. Anyone can have a seizure, but some people suffer repeated seizures that affect their quality of life. Randi Baculi, MD, and Sanam Zaidi, PA-C, at RHBNeuro in Dallas, Texas, provide in-office diagnostic testing for seizures to diagnose the seizure type and severity. Their advanced testing allows them to provide more targeted treatment. Call the RHBNeuro office or schedule an appointment online for compassionate seizure care.

Seizures Q & A

What are seizures?

Seizures happen when there’s a temporary change in your brain’s electrical activity. Normally, your brain creates electrical pulses in an orderly manner. These pulses travel across the neurons in your brain, delivering messages to all the parts of your body through chemicals called neurotransmitters.

When you have a seizure, the electrical pulses are out of balance, causing changes in behavior (uncontrolled movements) or consciousness (lack of awareness).

You can have a seizure anytime from an infection or a head injury. If you have more than one seizure, you could have epilepsy.

What kinds of seizures are there?

Seizure symptoms differ based on what’s causing the abnormal electrical pulses. Seizures are classified into two basic types: generalized seizures and focal seizures.

Generalized seizures

Generalized seizures cause electrical pulses that affect the entire brain and include seizures that cause various symptoms. For example, tonic-clonic seizures, previously called grand mal seizures, cause muscle tensing, falls, convulsions, and confusion.

Absence seizures

Once called petit mal seizures, absence seizures are generalized seizures that cause staring episodes.

Focal seizures

Focal seizures affect a single part of the brain, usually in only one-half (hemisphere) of the brain. With focal seizures, symptoms like uncontrolled muscle movement only occur on one side of the body.

What tests diagnose seizures?

RHBNeuro performs in-house electroencephalograms (EEGs) to diagnose seizures. This noninvasive test measures brainwave activity, looking for abnormalities. RHBNeuro uses a wireless EEG headset from Zeto Inc.

The board-certified neurologist at RHBNeuro has specialized training that allows high-quality, in-depth EEG analysis that improves the overall treatment process.

Offering in-house testing for seizures also helps you get answers and treatment quickly.

How are seizures treated?

How seizures are treated depends on the kind of seizure and what’s causing them. Finding the correct treatment to manage seizure activity can take some time. Treatment can include:

  • Medication
  • Brain stimulation
  • Vagal nerve stimulation (VNS)
  • Diet changes (the very low-carb, high-fat ketogenic diet is often prescribed)

RHBNeuro starts with medication. In most cases, anti-seizure medication works well at controlling seizure activity.

If you can’t find the right medication or the medication causes too many side effects, the board-certified neurologist at RHBNeuro might recommend invasive treatments (brain stimulation) or therapies (diet changes).

Call RHBNeuro or schedule your seizure consultation online.